Merchant accounts for African Businesses.

Onepurse Business account is built to provide foreign exchange services for African businesses who need to make global payments in foreign currencies. We provide you with a USD account with cross-border capabilities.

Why use Onepurse Business?

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Pay anyone internationally

Without stress, convert local currencies and pay international invoices, employees, and vendors at the local market rate with the same account. 5x cheaper and faster than traditional alternatives.

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Get paid in your local currency

Receive payments from your customers in any of the currencies we support without worrying about conversions or fees. We handle all that for you at no additional cost.

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Move money seamlessly

Fund or withdraw money easily. Move money between currencies in seconds, always with the real exchange rate and without high conversion fees.

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Onepurse Business account

Get a merchant account for free with everything you need to bank in the US - including a sort code, IBAN, routing number, and more.

let One Purse handle your foreign exchange