Facilitating Cross-border Transactions

OnePurse is a financial technology startup that focuses on facilitating cross-border exchanges leveraging peer-to-peer and informal money exchange houses. OnePurse also leverages the experience and expertise of its partners to provide excellent services.

Our Team

We are passionate about creating value for our customers, and this inspired us to create a platform that would allow us to do just that. We also know firsthand how much it means to be able to exchange your money at the best rates, and send money across to your loved ones back home and that’s why we built OnePurse for you.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build a more independent and decentralized financial system to enable the distribution of wealth, socio-economic freedom, and innovation to the world

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Our Priorities

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Become The Most Trusted Currency Exchange Platform

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Facilitate Ease Of Exchange

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Growth Across Borders

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Satisfy Our Customers

Our Global Presence

OnePurse is a globally diverse team coming from different countries who have lived and worked across several parts of the world and have been drawn together by a common vision of creating a global and decentralized financial system. As immigrants ourselves, we are constantly driven by passion and commitment to ease cross-border transactions for immigrants.

Get more value on your money.