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How it Works

1. Register

Sign up online for free. All you need is an email address.

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2. Enter Amount to Send

Input the receipient details and enter amount you want to exchange

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3. Exchange Funds

Review the exchange rate and confirm the equivalent in naira

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4. Pay For Your Transaction

You can make payment using any of your preferred money remittance app to complete your transaction.

How We Operate

We partner with local money exchange houses to facilitate the exchange of foreign currencies to local African currencies using the local market rate at no extra cost.

What You Benefit

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Zero Fees on Foreign Exchange

We do not charge you any fee for our foreign exchange services.

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Pay with your Preferred Remittance App

We facilitate our foreign exchange using any remittance app of your choice.

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More Value on your Money

Enjoy higher exchange rates and transaction limits using Zelle by becoming a premium customer.

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Best Exchange Rate

We provide competitive exchange rates to all our users compared to other alternatives in the market.

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Security and Safety

We prioritize the security and safety of your account using advanced encryption standards so that your details and transactions are safe and never compromised. OnePurse three security honor codes ensures all round safety by providing you with;

Data Security

We ensure zero third party access to your personal data

Account Security

We ensure privacy and use a standard encryption on your end-to-end transactions

Funds Security

We use the best technologies to secure all your wallets and exchanges

let One Purse handle your foreign exchange